The Union of Blacraft Socialist Regions was established on January 22, 2012, with The Declaration of the Union of Blacraft Socialist Regions. The declaration was written by Blanoxium, and the Blacraft Blaist State, Socialist Republic of Yukidar and Oaks Pass all joined the union. The Socialist State of Spheron was also invited to join the union, but declined. It adopted the Infrastructure paragraph from the Law of the Blacraft Blaist State, and had updated Administration and Economy paragraphs in the declaration itself.

Region MembershipEdit

Regions which are a part of the UBSR gain access to Spawntown Public Storage and all other public storages within the state, and may receive building materials from collective storages for the development of their regions through voting in the Blacraft Voting Center. They also have a duty to develop their own public storages over time, if a significant economy develops within the region.


The UBSR is a planned economy with no currency and common ownership. Most items and materials are stored in public storages, while some of the most rare and valuable items are stored in collective storages.


Link to the Law of the Union of Blacraft Socialist Regions

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