Solea Cropped
Regional Government atomic7732
Founded June 14, 2011
Area (m2) Unknown
Water (m2) ~ 15%
Buildings 3
Mines 0
Roads 2
Distance to Spawntown (m) Unknown

Originally thought to contain a lavalake, Solea (pronounced /Soʊl-ɛ-ɑː/, Traditional Tripian: /Soʊl-e-a/) is the second known region in Blacraft to contain a lavafall. Solea's geologic history and geography is quite similar to Rift Auspikitan's, except that it has more trees. This indicates that there is a much more wet climate than it's neighbors.


The pronunciation is of a lot of debate, as Tripian is, like all languages, changing, pronunciation changes too. Due to the simplification of Modern Tripian, Solea no longer sounds as smooth as it used to, with enunciated syllabic breaks. Whereas in Traditional Tripian it sounds much like "soul" and "ee-uh", an easy English pronunciation..