Kaktoland Cropped
Regional Government Blanoxium
State UBSR
Founded 2011 04 19
Area (m2) 256.960
Water (m2) 76.702
Buildings 71
Municipalities 7
Distance to Spawntown (m) 0
Last updated 2012 12 09

Kaktoland is a region consisting mainly of a large desert biome.
Its capital, Spawntown, borders Epicland to the south, and many resources are imported from that fertile region, including wheat, flint, wood, sugar canes and in the beginning also many raw minerals.
To the east, Kaktoland borders Yukiland through the sea. A road leads to Yukiland through Epicland, but direct underground minecart routes lead directly to its capital as well.
The northern edge of Kaktoland borders Ampluterra, which also has a road leading to it, and an underground minecart route stopping at the Blue Bay Center first.
To the west, Kaktoland borders Novascotchara through the sea and Quonbla through the northwestern land.



Neighboring RegionsEdit


In the beginning, Spawntown's major imports used to include raw materials found on expeditions, netherrack, soulsand and glowstone dust from The Nether and wood, sugar canes, flint and wheat from Epicland. Major exports were tools, food, cacti, glowstone (to Blacraft/Epicland/Inner Epicland), netherrack and soulsand.

Spawntown's development in 2012 turned the city into a main exporter of gunpowder and string, and sugar cane, paper and ink if the Blue Bay area is included, while importing presumably well over 9000 cacti from Desertopia. In 2012 separate public storages were built for both cacti and cobblestone, but as of June 2013 they still remain unused.

Spawntown's collective storage has historically been rich in lapis lazuli, coal, redstone, wood and gold - in June 2013 composing more than 50% of the collective UBSR resources stored.

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