Spawntown Mining Central was one of the first large projects in the Blacraft world. It occupies a 16x16 square, where the two meters closest to the one meter wide wall is made of stone, with staircases spiraling down along each floor. The middle floor is made of glass, making it possible to see all the way down to the bottom, or all the way up. The 2x2 square in the center of the building is a lava fountain which is the main source of light in the building, which is protected by a one meter thick layer of glass on each side.
It was finished on April 20th, where the lava was placed, and it was opened.
Video of the opening ceremony
On June 25, it was improved. The dirt, gravel and cobblestone in the sides of the building was removed and replaced with smooth stone, and the two lowest floors had their walls replaced by glass, with lava flowing from the third lowest floor outside the glass.
The building serves as the origin of the strip mines below Kaktoland (some of which even expand beyond Kaktoland's borders), which provide valuable metals and diamond to the Blacraft State, as well as redstone and cobblestone.