Spawntown Horse Ring is a 4 block wide underground tunnel for horses. It encircles Spawntown a few meters below sea level, with the floor at y = 55.


The project was planned on July 13, 2013. The plan included the construction of the artificial Horse Island east of Spawntown, which was constructed on July 14. Afterwards, the tunnel was dug out in segments counter-clockwise from the Horse Island. On July 17, the tunnel reached from Horse Island to the main bridge connecting Kaktolake and Spawntown. On July 21, the tunnel reached through Blue Bay to Pyramid Park. On July 26, it had additionally connected Inner Epicland and looped back to connect the Horse Island. Construction of the tunnel was thus completed.

Spawntown Horse Plan 20130713

Bla's plan for a horse tunnel around Spawntown (orange).

Spawntown Horse Ring 20130727

The image shows Spawntown Horse Ring marked on a sattelite image of the Spawntown area from July 27 (morning). The tunnel is marked in green, ramps connecting it to the surface in yellow, and red showing ramps connecting the tunnel to rail stations.

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