Spawntown Basketpearl Court is a small stage where Blacraftians can play Basketpearl, a sport resembling basketball.


Bla's RulesEdit

There are two teams with an equal number of players on each. There is one Enderpearl. A non-playing player throws the Enderpearl in the middle, or a player from one of the teams.
You may only hold the Enderpearl in your active bar, nothing else. You have to stand still while you hold it.
You can throw it, and the enemy can pick it up, or you or someone else from your own team might pick it up, hopefully.
You may not enter the colored area on the enemy side.
Get as close as possible to the enemy basket and throw it on the pressure plate inside it. If you hit it, a note block plays a sound, and you get a point. For each point, increase the number on the binary score board on your side.
When a goal has been scored, someone from the team which was scored against starts with the enderpearl inside their colored area.
The first team to score 16 goals wins.