This poll was posted by Blanoxium. It closed on November 16, 2013. Due to a tie, it was extended until November 24, 2013.

The pollEdit

Where should Blacraft celebrate the 2014 New Year event? Note: Voting for areas you manage yourself is not allowed.


1: Capital, Aahrus
2: Desertopia
3: Oasis City, Kaeshar
4: Revolt City, Revolute De Snow
5: Spawntown, Kaktoland
6: The Nether
7: Vrus, Aahrus

Votes, First PollEdit

1: Blanoxium
2: Yqt1001, smjjames
3: Darvince, Fiahstorm
4: None
5: None
6: Mudk1pz
7: None

Votes, Second PollEdit

Only option 2 and 3 were available in the second poll.
2: Yqt1001
3: Blanoxium, Fiahstorm, TheMooCows

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