General Purpose FarmEdit

This farm is composed of nine cells, each of which has two sections. Although originally built for farming wheat, this farm has since been converted to potatoes, although it can be planted with any crop.

Wheat FarmEdit

A large automated wheat farm built so that one can continuously farm with no wait. A redstone wiring improvement process is in process as of July 2013.

Sugar Cane FarmEdit

Built to farm large amounts of wheat in order for books before they needed leather. Several chests of books were made this way. It is located under the Wheat Farm. 

Tree FarmEdit

A jungle tree farm containing four large trees. The growth rate of the trees outstrips the rate at which harvesting the wood can be done. Supposedly more efficient than conventional farms

Snow FarmEdit

Built to flood the End with golems, Although fast, it can be very consuming in terms of materials for shovels. Contains two golems

Cocoa FarmEdit

A high capacity cocoa bean farm with automated harvesting. Although there is no possible way you could every need so many cocoa pods, I built it anyways.


Can be entered by boat, land, or rail. Contains underwater boat station.

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