Inner Epicland is a municipality in the far eastern part of Epicland, bordering Spawntown in Kaktoland to the west, Plaxium Forest to the north, Epicmarsh to the west and Yukitown in Yukiland to the south.
It is one of the oldest areas to be developed, with Epicland Hillhouse being the first sign of the Blacraftian civilization to appear on the planet.


Inner Epicland is the breadbasket of Spawntown and the rest of Kaktoland, exporting large amounts of wheat from Border Hill Automatic Farm. Epilake Farm used to produce sugar, but after the water level in the lake fell by one meter in September 2011, the sugar canes were destroyed. Instead, it became an animal farm, with one chicken as of September 30, 2011.
The sugar production was moved across the lake to New Epilake Farm, which also utilizes the newest technology, making the harvesting completely automatic, and transporting the products directly to a single pick-up point.
Epicland Treefarm is also Spawntown's main wood resource, providing about 600 wood pr. harvest. It tested whether redwood trees would be better to farm, but the redwood farm was eventually shut down while the normal tree farm has been effectivized a bit.


As the name suggests, the nature of Epicland is epic. The first explorers from Kaktoland, Blanoxium and Matty406, discovered an enormous cave after finding several clues on the surface, consisting of lots of small caves. The cave was named Epicave, and has provided massive amounts of rare resources to the early development of the Blacraftian civilization.
A mountain range creates a natural border to Epicmarsh, with Epicliff as a tall peak. A waterfall flows high from Epicliff, all the way down into Epilake, which is one of the most noticeable landmarks in the municipality. Another landmark which was discovered early on is the Lake of Wrath, a lava lake just outside Epicland Hillhouse. Inner Epicland is known for its glowstone trees, which are a part of a project to grow trees in most of Inner Epicland and replacing their leaves with glowstone. A similar project exists in Plaxium Forest, where the leaves are replaced with netherrack instead.


Inner Epicland is well-developed. It has no real city development, but several agricultural and other productive developments. The main road from Spawntown branches first south towards Yukitown, the other branch making a new branch north towards the tree farm, extending into Plaxium Forest, and the rest of that branch continuing around the Lake of Wrath and Epilake, passing Epilake Farm before going into Epicmarsh. That is one of the most important roads, leading all the way to first Pine Hill, then Bridgetown in Awesomeland and Molten in Quontia.
Epicland has one underground station below Epicland Hillhouse, which is also the oldest station connected to Spawntown Central Station. It is a part of the line to Bridgetown, but before that line was created, it was on the line to Rift Auspikitan.

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