Epicland Cropped 20110614
Regional Government Blanoxium
Founded April 19, 2011
Area (m2) Unknown
Water (m2) Unknown
Buildings 7
Mines 2
Roads 4
Distance to Spawntown (m) 0

Epicland is a generally temperate, forested region with several steep, cliffy areas. It is the oldest area described among Blacraftians. Since Epicland is the closest fertile area to Spawntown, it is the main provider of materials, minerals, and wood to Spawntown. The first flint mine on the planet was also built within Epicland.
Epicland is a part of the Blacraft Blaist State



Neighboring RegionsEdit


Epicland is the main provider of flint, wheat, wood and sugar canes to especially Kaktoland (and its capital Spawntown).

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