Inner DesertopiaEdit

Defined as the area contained within the netherrack borders of desertopia. Some key landmarks are the cactus farm, the rail station, a historic house, the automated wheat farm, and a failed mob factory. This section is the oldest section of desertopia.

Upper DesertopiaEdit

This area is generally north of the netherrack borders that surrounded desertopia. Significant structures outside the netherrack border are the Cone, large rectangular building, spleef arena, anthem structure, skyrail station, and chicken farm.

Quarry DistrictEdit

The buildings near or inside the large, shallow quarry east of Desertopia. Includes the quarry itself, two villiages, a former storage, and the public storage.

North CenterEdit

Most recent buildings are located even farther north than Upper Desertopia, in another valley. The three major buildings include the arts center, central storage, and bulk storage.

Netherside DesertopiaEdit

A network of portals link parts of desertopia together. The central storage, bulk storage, bunker, house, and quarry are connected in that order. In addition, roads allow easy access to Forssa, Kaktoland, Aahrus, Matolony, and Mining Decentral.

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