Yukiland Cropped
Regional Government Ventus
Founded April 20, 2011
Area (m2) Unknown
Water (m2) Est. 25%
Buildings 6
Mines 1
Roads 2
Distance to Spawntown (m) Unknown

Chazabethia is one of the first regions to be founded. It is part of the Union of Blacraft Socialist Regions and cooperated closely with Vinelandar. It consists of a snowy area in the southwest (Yukitown, but in the east contains a large forest and then plains. It is somewhat cold in both day and night, and it was said that the snow was expanding towards other biomes. The motto of Yukiland is "Yuki ga anata ni ochiru" (The snow falls on you). It is home to Yukitown, the first and capital city. Another developed city is Plaidania, which is mostly sponsored by Darvince. To the west, Spawntown in Kaktoland borders Yukiland through the sea. A road leads to Spawntown through Epicland, but a direct underground minecart route also exists. To the south, it borders Epicland, and to the north, it borders Vinelandar.



Neighboring RegionsEdit


The local government of Yukiland plans to expand its borders and create new towns/municipalities.

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