The Blacraft Blaist State was the original state on the Blacraft planet. It controlled the capital of Spawntown and several other regions. During the late summer of 2011, several regions pressured to become autonomous, and were granted independence. On January 22, three of them, including the BBS, unified into the Union of Blacraft Socialist Regions.


The Blacraft Blaist State was a planned economy with no currency and common ownership of most materials, stored mainly in the public storage in Spawntown. However, some amounts of state property also existed over some periods, stored in the Blacraft State Property Center - mainly building materials and other items which are only used for public improvements, managed by Blanoxium. Blanoxium also held his mining materials as private property in the Spawntown Town Center, but in practice, the excess was used in the same way as the state property.


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