Rift Auspikitan Cropped
Regional Government atomic7732
Founded June 13, 2011
Area (m2) Unknown
Water (m2) ~ 40%
Buildings 3
Mines 2
Roads 3
Distance to Spawntown (m) 1290

Auspikitan (formerly Rift Auspikitan (Kabzatak Auspikitan in Tripian)) is a region on Blacraft founded and managed by atomic7732. The general area that is expected to become the region is located southeast of GigaNova's Novascotchara . Auspikitan is a harsh area because of the rift which causes lava on the surface and volcanic activity in the region. Most of the region is either land with few trees, or desert, which adds to the harsh reality of living in Auspikitan. Most of the wood gathered is imported from Solea.

In 2011, the motto for the region was in the regional language, "Ent ulkana komplovv ikef" which means "The volcano creates life." Auspikitan's center of commerce and main populated area were around a lava lake in the Ulkana municipality. There, three buildings sat, the creator's house, a storage center, as well as the City Management Center, which when completed was planned to contain the emergency warning system, a trading outpost, and a presentation room where public meetings held by government officials, or third-party companies and non-profit organizations would take place.

Following the communist revolution, the original city in Rift Auspikitan was dismantled and a new city was constructed in a valley to the east of the original in 2014. The regional language was abandoned for the more developed Soleani language.

The city saw large growth in 2016, leading up to the region's hosting of Blacraft New Years. Improvements included a parkourspleef arena, a stage with seating, a local market, a maze, an underground horse road to Darvincia and the Darvincia Horse Track, as well as several buildings contributed by other nations. The region also moved its primary transport connections to the nether horse roads from the nether ground roads.



From north to south,

Ulkana Kabzatak
Biokxartap Ivineti

Neighboring RegionsEdit

Solea neighbors Rift Auspikitan to the west. Solea became of what was a proposal for the extension of the borders of Rift Auspikitan. It was suggested that a better idea was to make a new region. Together with Solea and the now defunct Lavaank, the regions are the Autarky of Solea and Rift Auspikitan, sharing the same national flag. Novascotchara and The Battleground also border Rift Auspikitan on the east side. Later, Darvwns-ea was developed to the west.