Map of Ampluterra in relation to Spawntown.

Ampluterra (Amplu: High, Terra: Land) is a small colony to the North East of the capital, Spawntown. Upon founding by Matty406, he built a tower overlooking a ridge, towards the mountain splitting Ampluterra and Kaktoland.


The explorer, Matty406 travelled from the capital in search of a location to found one of the first colonies. Despite the modern cobble road going through Kaktoland, Matty instead travelled South, as his journal states that he travelled through forests and marsh.

It is thought, that Matty406 chose the location for it's profound ridge feature: a unique sight within the land.

Upon reaching the destination Matty406 built an outpost, in which he could sleep and store materials. On this outpost was built a tower: this tower, as stated before over looks the ridge, and has a good view of the mountain splitting Kaktoland and Ampluterra.

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