Blacraft is a far away planet. Its people originate from the area around Spawntown in Kaktoland and Inner Epicland.
The Blacraft planet is divided into multiple states and regions.

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States and RegionsEdit

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Special RegionsEdit

These regions are not a part of any state.

Abolished RegionsEdit

Trivia and StatisticsEdit

This is a list of pages with various facts and stats relating to the regions and states of Blacraft.

Geological HistoryEdit

The people on Blacraft have endured a harsh geological history in recent times. On the very first day Spawntown was founded (April 19 2011), an earthquake hit the area, resulting in massive, blocky rifts in Epicland, Yukiland, Kaktoland while creating the famous cliff which Ampluterra Outpost was built on.
The climate in Kaktoland became cooler, and snow began to cover the central southern and eastern areas, especially Kaktice Peninsula, named after the changing climate, turning the desert into a cold wasteland which wasn't touched for a long time.
From June 11, the climate changed again, turning severe ice spreading and some snow in Rift Auspikitan, Foressia in Yukiland and around Vinelandar. Only days later, massive amounts of snow began to cover the western parts of both Ampluterra and Spheron Rilmu. The climate changed back on June 19, but the new snow and ice remained until July 20.
A new, massive earthquake occured somewhere between September 6 and September 15, causing the core areas to lose all information with the outside world, and moving Partinia Lanis all the way to the west coast of Solea, while shattering all ice on the surface of the sea and lakes. At the same time, the climate changed severely, and the sea level fell one meter, uncovering large coastal areas. Epicland Lake had become a marsh with several smaller lakes, Inner Epicland and Spawntown had become very cold. Spawntown's harbor had dried out, and so had some of the lake in the park. The water bodies at its western borders had turned into a massive sandy desert. The town quickly initiated a poll to decide how to solve the problems.


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